BaMatooke Made is a social enterprise founded to support economic growth in Uganda through product development and sales. 100% of our profits are reinvested into our non-profit partners, employee benefits and educational scholarships. Founded and operated in Uganda, we hope to bring our traditional crafts around the world.

We are partnered with Parents Empowering Children and Youth Uganda, a registered community based organization WCBO/101/15 in Nanagabo Sub County. Together we offer entrepreneurial training, public health services, nutrition education and family counseling. BaMatooke Made grew as a for-profit entity from PECYU's entrepreneurial education programs. 20% of all profits are donated to PECYU's outreach projects.

In addition to employing widows, we aim to employ young adults growing out of orphan and vulnerable child programs in Uganda. We offer holiday term internship opportunities, financial planning education and savings matching programs for students attending university or higher education.

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